Midi note continuance in loop?


Can anybody tell me how to have the last notes in a loop play out fully?


Duplicate the track and have the loops offset so every other loop is on the other track. Then just make sure the last note is playing the way you want it to.
Export the part as audio with the last note playing out the way you want. Then Duplicate the audio track and place/offset the parts so you hear the last note every time.

Hey rotund:)

Thx for your help…

-Loops offset? Havent heard of that in cubase… Might be interesting … Will have to read up on it…
-(If there is loop offsets, this would help with polyrhythms!):wink:

-the audio bounce is obvious… Just thought there may be a setting somewhere for midi events…

Will check the loop offset option soon if it works how i am thinking… Havent ever heard of cubase doing this tho… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking into some options, but one that comes to mind pretty quickly is to use a sustain pedal (CC64 @ 127) event for your overlapping notes. If your patch supports it (I.E. an organ patch), it should keep sustaining those notes until it gets a CC64 @ 0) message.

So, open a controller lane for CC64 (sustain pedal). Draw an event at value 127 just before your over lapping notes F4 and A3.

Early in your loop you’d draw in a CC64 event with a value of 0 where you want the sustained notes to ‘stop’ sounding.

Here’s an example that would allow the last note of this loop to sustain until beat 2 of the first measure upon the repeat. In this particular case, I’m using an organ patch that supports the sustain pedal.

I’ll come back if I think of anything else. This idea just popped to mind right away since I’ve used this technique before.

Nice workaround Brian!

Ive moved on from part i was on, but good to know for future reference:)
(Better would be a “play note at loop end” option tho:p)

OT-> we need a scratchpad…lol

Have a nice day @ all:)

“Offset” is my word, you won’t find anything in the manual.

Let me try again…

Say you have a 4 bar loop and the last note extends into the 5th bar. Duplicate the track and slide the copy over so it starts on bar 5. (Where the loop should start again) then copy the first loop and slide it over to bar 9. Now you have the same loop with the last note intact. It just takes 2 tracks.

Hope this makes sense.

Yeah, but it sounds like putting a 1000 piece puzzle together… Not a solution for when you are making music with other tracks involved;)