Midi note display


In C9, when opening several midi ‘container’ in the key editor, all the note are white (like if they were muted) except the active container notes. Same whatever ‘event colors’ is selected. This is really not convenient !
Isn’t it possible to have the same kind of display as in C8.5 & before ?

Maybe is there some function to check to avoid this ? I don’t find which one ! So if you know…

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

I’ve only had Cubase 9 a few hours and I’m not sure if it would make any difference for your particular situation, but I did notice that sometimes when I first open projects from older versions of Cubase the ‘project colors’ seem to be off from what they were in 8.5 (inverted maybe?).

Fortunately it’s been easy to fix so far in Preferences. I can have it ignore Project colors, or change the Project colors to something that works better.

Thanks but it’s not a project color issue… :confused: But the fact that midi notes colors from non active containers in key editor are all white… And remain the same white even when selected ! :neutral_face: Impossible to see which one are selected amongst all those white notes !

It’s really not convenient ! I’d like to know if there is a way to have a convenient display in midi key editor with multiple containers selected. :unamused:

Usually when a MIDI event shows “white”, it is because it falls outside of the start/end boundaries of the MIDI Part to which it belongs.

I made a little screen to show the problem.

How one is suppose to differenciate muted from active container and non active container notes ?

And in non active container, selected notes and non selected have exactly the same color ! :confused:

Before, all those different type of midi note had different colors in order to differenciate them ! I guess it’s a detail they forgot… :neutral_face:
But it’s important to be aware of what one is doing to which object !

This should be fixed in next update… Let’s hope…

Make sure you are displaying the ‘Show Note Expression Data’ button in the top toolbar (I don’t see it there in your screen-grab) - then, turn it off! This returns you to ‘normal’ note/event display… Hopefully it helps your situation.


Yes !! ThaaAAT’S it ! Thanks you very much, dear Puma ! Ooops… Bob ! I didn’t know the ‘Show Note Expression Data’ trick !

The display is perfect, now ! Excellent ! :slight_smile: Great ! :smiley: Fantastico ! :mrgreen:

Cheers !

Haha… Yippee…!

Glad to have helped JoPo