Midi Note Editing-Different ins. from same track

Cubase SE3:
Setup: 1 midi channel -
VST loaded: Gigastudio operating 2 channels (Cello’s detache on channel 1, Cello’s staccato on channel 1)

Is it possible to record a midi channel and instruct particular notes in that same channel to play on a different channel without having to cut and paste them into another channel?

This would make it easier to see quick 1/16th notes meant to played staccato by simply grabbing those midi events in the midi editor and editing them to play to giga-channel2 even though those notes are laid out in a midi channel that’s output is to giga-channel1.

I believe I can also grab the notes, select cut, then create midi track 2 - to giga-channel2, and then paste as original.

But it seems like it might be helpful to know if this is possible. I already tried highlighting the events and then in the midi-editor I changed their “channel” from 1 to 2 but they still play back to channel 1.


Can you set the channels midi out channel to Any

I’ll check when I get home :slight_smile: Thanks for the idea.

Setting the channel in the midi inspector settings to ANY did the trick.

Once I did that, I was then able, within the midi graphical editor, set a single notes channel to a different channel so that a similar instrument could be played from that same midi recording.

That is excellent. It seems then one does not have to set up 20 midi tracks for strings when strings can be reduced to spiccato, detach, tremello.

This technique could probably be useful at times.

Thanks for the help.