MIDI note expression not showing

I’m using Cubase 8 Elements and cannot find the drop down menu for note expression controls in the MIDI editor. I’ve watched a couple of tutorials where they use it to adjust volume on a note. I’ve tried various MIDI sounds through HALion Sonic SE, and nothing. Any advice?

Hi and welcome,

Check version differences please. I would say Note Expression is Cubase Pro only.

Ohh ok. That makes sense b/c I have Elements.

You can use a MIDI Channel “CC” message to get a similar effect.

Give CC11 (expression volume) a try.

CC7 does master channel volume, while CC11 on many (if not most) instruments allows control of channel volume on a scale that is ‘relative’ to whatever the master channel volume is set for.

Some instruments out there might also give you an option to do ‘expression or crescendo’ volume over CC1 (mod wheel).

MIDI Controllers are handled per Channel, Note Expressions are handled per MIDI Note. So with Note Expression you can make different curves for every single Note in the Chord. You cannot do this with common MIDI CC. This is the difference.

Yes, I understand. VST Note-Expression can be a form of note specific CC container so to speak.

For versions that don’t support Note Expression, CC lanes, either in the MIDI part itself, or on track automation lanes are the way to go. No?

That’s strange: There are 11 references to “Note Expression” in the Cubase Elements manual (version 9).



Regarding this comparison chart, Note Expression is not part of Cubase Elements.

Can you send a link, where you can see “Note Expression” in the Cubase Elements manual, please?