MIDI note extraction

Hey gang… I have a drum track that has all the different drums in one track. I want to separate them out so the kick, (C3), snare (E2),hi hat, etc…are all on separate tracks. Is there a way I can do this ?


There are a lot of ways you can do this.

Simplest: select/ highlight the midi drum track … go to the midi menu and select dissolve part … use option dissolve by pitch.

A separate midi track will be generated for each different note in the midi track.

Also … if you are using a multitimbral instrument, you can simply duplicate the midi file without dissolving it … then use the inspector midi modifier to only let a single note through … like C1 for your kick … with each drum sound on a separate channel and the multitimbral activated for all outputs. Now each drum will have it’s own separate audio out.


Thanks Como… you da ’ man !!