midi note getting stuck

hello there, i am facing a problem with midi, whenever i play some vsts in cubase 7.5, the note E3 gets always stuck and it stops if i stop the track. but as soon as i play it again, it gets stuck. i tried various things but nothing is solving this issue. anyone out there has any solution, will appreciate a lot.
dell latitude
8 GB RAM, i7 processor
cubase 7.5 updated version
KORg triton taktile midi controller
focusrite pro 24 firewire interface

It could be the triton, but then it would also happen with its internal sounds.
My guess is you assigned a function to that particular note value (by accident) in Cubase. Check generic remote and see if it’s listed there.

i must admit that when i start cubase 7.5.40, i get this runtime error 6034 also. could that be the reason for the midi note getting stuck? interestingly, the same note through the same keyboard does not get stuck when i play the VSTS through another host like LIVE… or if i use another midi controller, the note does not get stuck. so it seems it only happens when i connect TRITON TAKTILE with cubase.

Finally a very good friend solved my issue. One thing to fix the error was to run the norton tool called NORTON POWER ERASER which found a corrupt file which i removed and the error 6034 never appeared again. as far as stuck midi note was concerned, i used a demo version of REVO UNINSTALLER PRO, which really made sure cubase was fully uninstalled. after that when i reinstalled cubase, the stuck midi note was gone. ah! what a relief! Though I must say, I miss direct support from Cubase.