Midi note hang up

I’m having an issue where I have an instrument track, say Halion Sonic, and a piece is played for a few measures then stops, the audio from Halion Sonic just continues to play the last notes played. Sometimes, every note played just keeps playing as the measures go by and new notes are added. We have tried playing on 2 different keyboards, but the issue remains. Anyone run into this before? Thanks.

Aloha j,

Shot in da dark here.

The prob may be not with your keyboards
but with the MIDI file (track) itself.

Try using the ‘List Editor’ to check the MIDI file
for a ‘MIDI Sustain Event’ at that point in the track.

Think of it as playing a note while the pedal
is ‘down’, but you never take your foot off the pedal.
The note will go on forever.

If you do find a MIDI sustain event either
1-remove it
2-add another one (just after it) one of opposite value
to shut it off. (like taking your foot off the pedal)

HTH (hope this helps)

I’ll give that a try! Thank you!