Midi Note input to choose different cymbals in a classical setup

Let’s say i have 3 cymbals for 3 percussion players.
I’d like to give all 3 of them single-note-staves.
I’m using a PlugIn within Kontakt.
I create a percussion Map with 3 different cymbals on 3 different midi notes but all 3 of them with the playing technique ‘natural’.
And now? How do I tell Dorico which cymbal it should use on the single-note-staves with using just 1 percussion map?
I could create 3 percussion maps and assign them within the endpoints. But is there a solution with just 1 percussion map?
Is there a way to enter midi-notes within Dorico which would change my choice of cymbal?

Provided you choose three different cymbals that Dorico already knows about, e.g. the different sizes of marching cymbal provided, or three completely different cymbal instruments shown in the picker, then it should be easy. In your percussion map, make sure that you choose the appropriate, specific cymbal instrument that you are using for each of the three instruments in your score for each of the notes you add to your map. Then assign your percussion map to all three appropriate channels via the Endpoint Setup dialog, and that should do it.

You can also specify in the Preferences dialog that you want to use the MIDI notes specified in the percussion map to input notes, but you won’t be able to input onto all three cymbals at once if they are separate instruments and not arranged into a kit.

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Cool. Thanx a lot Daniel.
I’ll check that immediately.
The thing is: I don’t want to always use the HALion cymbals. I have better ones in Spitfire…hmmmmmm :thinking:
That’s the problem. Then I really have to make a seperate percussion map for each cymbal, no?

Ate you using Spitfire Percussion? I made percussion maps for it, and I think you can use different cymbals loading only one patch (metal something…) with many different playing techniques available

Hey Marc,
yes I’m using the Spitfire Percussion.
They provide 3 different sizes of cymbals. I want all 3 of them with the same playing technique ‘natural’ - of course I could also ‘invent’ 3 different playing techniques like 'natural 1, natural 2, natural 3’and assigning them to the midi-notes - I was just wondering if there is a more elegant solution like direct midi-note input :wink:

Well, I am not in front of my computer buy I’m pretty sure you can do that using my percussion maps along with my MIDI mappings I created for us Doricians!
There’s even a Dorico file that demonstrates it all and that you can use to start your project without bothering with any setup…

Hey Marc,
I searched the forum. Where can I find your percussion map? I’m very interested - even just to look how you solved all this.
Thanx a lot


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