Midi note length always quantizes to 1/128

When drawing midi notes, midi note lengths always snap to 1/128 despite checking that:

  • Quantize grid length is specified (e.g. 1/16) in both the editor and the main project window.

  • Snap setting is turned On.

I can demonstrate this problem in a number of ways:

Oddly, there seem to be a random set of quantize-related features that work properly. For example, hitting the “Q” button to quantize the start of a note works as expected and click + hold dragging a note around to change its position also snaps properly.

I should also note that this occurrence is project specific - some projects work completely fine as intended.

I’m thinking this might be a software error, but if you have any solutions I’d appreciate your answer.

Are you sure the Length Quantize Preset is not set to 128?

Hi Stephen57,

Yes, I’ve tried other quantize sizes in the slot shown in your image.

Hi There,

Did you find a solution. I think I just found what might be the issue. what was happening on my end was I was using the pencil tool to write in some midi not. And the length of the midi notes defaulted to 1/4 notes. I opened the midi window editor. open the setup tool bar on the far right. look for “length quantize” . check mark it to display. Now I can default midi note lengths to what I choose. Hope this helps.


Juice, thanks as I just had the problem right now so came here , saw your message and problem fixed with nightmares prevented about how to fix it while sleeping …

Thank you for this!!!