Midi note length snap locked to eighths

Not sure if this is a bug in cubase 9 or if i have accidentally activated a setting that I cant find to turn off.

when dragging MIDI note lenghts with grid snap turned on I can only snap to eighths. regardless of the quantize and or grid settings. Grid and quantize works as it should otherwise. Does anyone know what i might have inadvertantly done or can anybody confirm that dragging note lenghts works properly with grid snap in cubase 9


Make sure, Length Quantize is displayed in the tool bar of your Key Editor. Probably 1/8 is set here. Click to it and set Quantize Link. Now the length is linked with the main Quantize setup.

It’s just stays the same, I set 1/32, 1/64 - nothing heps.

Make sure, you set Quantize Length, not the Grid, please.

Indeed, it solved the problem but the help of Cubase 9.5 is very light, also I found the Quantize length the other day and now can’t find it anymore… Could you be so kind to remind how/where to find it? Thanks a lot :wink:


Right-click to the toolbar of the editor window, please.

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