MIDI note lengths are changing on export...

Well this is a fun one. On exporting a midi file, every note is defaulting to a 1/4 note length.

Here’s the original:

And the new file (dropped back in to the same project). I dragged a couple of the notes down to show the overlap.

What the heck is going on to make that happen?


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

How do you import the MIDI file? Via menu or drag and drop from Desktop or via MediaBay?

I just tested in safe mode and it’s the same issue. I am using Export->Midi and then I am using Import->Midi in to the same project. Right now I am on 9.5.0 because 9.5.20 is giving me a crash issue (see my other thread on that crazy one).

By any chance, could you share the MIDI file?

It would be better to share the .cpr file. There is something that is corrupted about the midi tracks from the project. I figured out that if I open the piano roll editor and copy all the midi notes and then copy that in to a midi track then that new track exports correctly.

With this project. you can export the midi file and then import and the notes are the wrong length. If you create a new midi tracks and copy the notes in to the new track and export/import, the new track is correct.
Midi_Problem.zip (16 KB)
One possibility I’m thinking is that the original project was done in 7 or 8 (I don’t remember), though it opens fine in 9.5.


Thank you for sharing the Cubase project, it was good idea.

In the project, you are using MIDI Modifier Len. Comp. (Length Compression) with settings 4/1. So you change the length of all MIDI Notes in the track by this. When you export a MIDI file, the default settings of the Export Options dialog is to enable Export Inserts. MIDI Modifier is taken as a MIDI Insert. So you export the MIDI file the Len.Com. applied. The result is longer MIDI Notes in the MIDI File.

Great catch, Martin! I used to do that in order for the notes to play back longer before I understood how the release envelopes in the Kontakt instrument works and I totally forgot that some of those old projects had that. THanks-that saves one big headache! Now, hopefully I can just figure out how to get 9.5.20 working for me again!