Midi Note Re-Mapping?

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone know a way to remap select midi notes on a midi channel, ie: whenever on playback of a midi channel every time the note c2 is played it will read the c2 as d3. Hope that makes sense. I understand that the logical editor could tackle this but Im looking for a more automatic approach like something the midi modifiers could do. I’m just not quite sure how to get there or if it’s even possible.


If you have the Input Transformer available (not sure it is for all variants) that’s the easiest. Pretty much the same as using the Logical Editor after the fact.

You can also do this using a Drum Map. By default putting a Drum Map on a Track causes Parts on the Track to open the Drum Editor and not the Key Editor. This behavior can be disabled in Preferences or you can open a part explicitly in the Key Editor.

You could also do this using Remote Settings in an Expression Map. But I think the Drum Map is more straightforward.

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Thanks raino I shall give these a shot🍻

If it’s because you are programming percussion instruments then in drum editor you can edit the out note for each in note


Thanks mkok,
I think this may be on the right track,
Yes it is for drum percussion programming.
I’m building up a template session and using superior drummer for my main drum sounds and instances of slate trigger 2 for extra sample augmention. I’m using some of the toon track midi groove libraries aswell and this is where the problem comes from as sometimes in those midi groove patterns the kick midi may be on notes C1 and B0 Superior Drummer reads these fine as it reads A#0, B0, C1 as kick notes, Slate Trigger 2 only allows you to set one midi note for input for each instance so when sending the midi from the superior track to the trigger track it’s only picking up the hits on C1.

Hope that makes so kind of sense

It’s seems using transformer on the midi sends and writing the logical editor scheme there did the trick.:beers: