midi note retriggers when it plays from one arranger part into the next?

This is a strange one - by design or bug?

when you have a midi note that plays from one arranger section into the next arranger section with arranger activated, the midi note plays again from the beginning at the point the next arranger section starts - it retriggers it, instead of just continuously playing through.

Is this supposed to happen - is there any way to just get it to play normally so it doesn’t retrigger?


It’s like this since ever.

Thanks for the clarification Martin. Is this a bug then ?
I take it ? I’m trying to think of a work around but I’m coming up blank.


From the user point of view, I would consider this as a bug. At the other hand, knowing it is like this since ever, I’m not sure if its not implemented like this by purpose.

I was also thinking about a workaround, but I haven’t come to any.

You might try to compose your arranger parts so they don’t have any notes playing outside of them.
Maybe you could have them overlap on the arranger track?


Please don’t change your music because of technical limitations. :wink:

Just any idea… What about to use Track Versions? Keep one version for the Project, and other version for the Arranger?

Actually is the problem, that you would need to keep it audible (so in the sustain) over the Arranger “cut”, or would you need to stop the sound? What about to use Sustain Pedal?

Never meant that, but one could try to rearrange the division in arranger parts so there would be no overlapping notes…

I need to have audio overlap like sweeps - risers - delay echo as transitions between sections.

I tried your idea of overlapping parts but that didn’t work unfortunately though was an interesting idea to try.

yes that’s exactly it - notes need to sustain over the cut - like sweeps risers delays echos - transitions. The midi notes are triggered within the sampler track. I tried looking for sustain and then triggering the samples as a one shot but i couldn’t find a sustain in the sampler track. I guess i could try using groove agent, but it’s s bit more hassle like that, and I reckon the sustain one shot note will probably still get cut off when the next arranger part starts.


Could you use just the MIDI CC 64 (Sustain)? Does it work?

Amazing - it worked ! You have to create a new midi part on the incoming arranger part too to cut off the sustain if not it will keep playing, but yes it works. so good, Thanks!