Midi Note Velocity Stems

I mentioned this years ago and never heard back but I’ll offer it up to SB every few years hoping they may actually think about the brilliance of this feature.

Years ago Dr. T’s KCS Omega had this one feature that just was miles ahead of Logic, Cubase, DP, you name it…

Each midi note had a velocity stem at the head. Rather than having to select the note, then move to the bottom to edit the velocity, you could just use the edit tool and click the stem and move it up or down as desired. This is so much better than stacking the velocity stems at the bottom of the editor because in Cubase one gets in front of the other so you’re forced to first select your note.

It’s represented in the 4th picture from the top.


Seriously SB, I don’t believe any other DAW utilizes this. I’m not very learned in pro tools but I’ve looked at the others and I don’t see it available.

Not sure if the pic will show up here, but I’ve attached it.

Are you aware that ctrl+shift+dragging on the note will change the Velocity - no need to mouse to the bottom. These modifier keys can be change in Preferences.

No, I’m not aware of that. Can these keys be changed. Holding 2 keys is always a pain, especially for the painstaking task of midi editing. One key is cool, I think I could hang with that.

Raino, while I still prefer KCS’s way of doing it because every stem is visible, unlike Cubase (even using the method you’ve shown me), I do appreciate the help and this will at least remove that pain in the @#$ of having to grab the note and then edit it down to the bar editor. Thank you!

Yeah in the Preference section on Tool Modifiers (not at DAW to be more specific with name.)

I use the Logical Editor with preset note velocities 10, 20 ,30 etc. I assign these to KC’s. These get me close enough to the desires velocity then I make adjustments with the Velocity value at the top of the key editor.
It would be nice if Cubase provided Acoustic Feedback when adjusting velocities with the LE, I did request it but got no reply. :frowning:

KC? Yea, they never replied to my suggestion of implementing KCS Omegas velocity stems. Still seems like a good idea to me. even with these work arounds.