MIDI notes all doubled?

It seems that when I record MIDI, every single note I record is always doubled… Any idea why this is happening and how to stop it?

Also, even if I highlight all of the notes, and select “MIDI -> Functions -> Delete Doubles”, it will not delete them! Very frustrating…

Cubase 6.0.2 (32-bit) - Windows 7 - 64-bit version


Make sure you choose your specific device as the input and not All MIDI Inputs.

Sure enough… ALL was selected…

Still… I wonder why the “delete doubles” function is not working…? Anyone else have the same problem with “delete doubles”?

IIRC, it’s a known issue for some. Did you select all notes before trying to delete?

I did select all notes. Apparently though, I had made some changes to velocities on the notes and it only affected one layer, and not the double - so the notes were not “identical”. As soon as I made them identical, the “delete overlaps” function worked.

I thought the issues with recording double notes were just an issue with my midi device, its a pain staking task having to move all the notes one by one to ensure no doubles have been recorded. I use a CME midi controller and select this in midi in, not al midi imputs, but i still cannot resolve it, grrrr

Use MIDI Monitor in Cubase to see what is being received in Cubase from the controller. Also use MIDIOX outside of Cubase to see what is being received by Windows. This will help narrow down the problem to see where the doubles are coming from. The controller may be sending double MIDI notes. Check the controller setup to see if it is sending on two different channels or ports, etc. Also, check the website and forum for the controller to see if there are new drivers or if anyone else is experiencing the same problem.

Try making sure Local is set to off, also.

Aloha t,

What you posted is also what I discovered.

The MIDI events have to be ‘exact’ for the function to work.
I wish Cubase could also tell/show you what was removed
and from where.