Midi Notes Doubled

Issue #1: Has anyone noticed that (in Nuendo 6.5.30 build 243 64 bit) - midi notes are recorded as two events for every single note played?
In other words 1 single note event is played on the keyboard, the result in the midi key editor is two notes in the same event location. At first they look like single notes in the editor, but if you go wide, and select and either resize or move the top note, there is always a note under in the same exact event location. WDF?

Issue #2: When changing tempo (from either fixed or track) the previously recorded midi does not follow the new tempo at all. Double WDF? :question:

for issue1, this happens to me from time to time if I accidentally select multiple zones on my keyboard. It will send the same midi note out on each zone and Nuendo will record them all.
issue 2 make sure the midi track is set to Musical base not Linear.

FYI - Is there Musical or Linear when it comes to midi tracks? Usually Musical base and Linear reference audio files, in the pool and track settings. Changing tempo using only midi tracks does not work at all for me in 6.5 newest update, etc.

Also I have tested this on 4 different keyboards, Roland, Ensonic, Korg and even two drum machines, Nuendo is always recording double notes no matter the input device.

Also when recording a midi track in Nuendo 6.5 the instruments do not sound at all while recording, only on playback.

Sounds like an issue with your setup. What are you using as a midi interface? Are you on a Mac or PC?
On the PC some midi interfaces can show up as both direct midi devices and windows midi devices. If you have inputs enabled on both, you’ll get the doubling as you’re essentially recording the same midi twice (from the same hardware device; but Nuendo shows them as two separate midi inputs)

And yes, there is a time linear/music linear setup for midi tracks.
You can set in preferences to always have midi tracks be music linear, but if you have a session with tracks in it already it helps to check that they’re all set to musical linear.