MIDI notes from GuitarPro trigger Articulation switches in Electric Bass


I recently purchased and installed Electric Bass to be used in HALion 3 in Cubase 10.5 Elements (10.5.20 Build 179 under Windows 10 Home Single version 1909). The purpose was to stop using the “[GM 034] Electric Bass (Finger)” I’ve used so far to play MIDI tracks imported into Cubase projects (written in and exported from GuitarPro). The tracks always play Ok, but when I try to use them to drive the “Electric Bass” VST, say with the “Clean P-Bass” setting, some notes do not play; instead, they trigger “Articulation” switches (mostly to “mute” and “artificial harmonics” - which exlpains why the usual tones are not played).

The “Electric Bass” manual (p. 9) explains the switches, ranging from the notes C0 up to G0. The Cubase MIDI editor shows the notes in my track, and indeed some of them are in the range C0 - G0. Indeed, one can watch the control in the “Edit” pane of the electric pass flip between diverse “articulation” styles.

If the MIDI tracks play well with the usual bass sounds (lile “[GM 034] Electric Bass (Finger)”), I cannot imagine why I can’t make them play once I use the “Electric Bass” VST. So I wonder:

  1. Can the “articulation key switches” be deactivated?
  2. Do I have to transpose the MIDI bass tracks one octave to escape the C0-G0 range (but then the will not work outside the “Electric Bass” VST because they will sound in the guitar range)?
  3. Did I miss something in the manual?

I’d be thankful if some of you can direct me.



I made a new MIDI track and placed a copy of the MIDI notes, transposing 1 octave in the track settings. Now the “electric bass” VST in HALion correclty plays this track. This bypasses the problem’s symptom, but I still think the cause is something else - cannot imagine that all purchasers of the “electric bass” make copies of the MIDI bass track transposing it.

So if someone can explain where this problem comes from or point me to the right info source, that would be very nice,


I’m not a bass player but the eBass is already a five string bass with the G-D-A-E and “low B” string, which equals B0 and is to my knowledge the deepest tone you can puzzle out of a “real” bassguitar normally. So the articulation controls (G0 and below) are already in an area where normally no sound should/can be played. So why does GuitarPro produce such deep notes that are inaudible normally?
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