Midi notes grey and no sound play back

when i draw out a midi window with my pencil tool on the grid i then draw notes in etc
the notes how ever are all greyd out and wont play back any sound
then when i try to move them it says that they are out of bound bascially and they are not!!!
it started happeing all the sudden and its a pain in the ass it just halted my whole track to a stop wow
there is nothing on this page about this so yea.

Do you perhaps have 2 different MIDI Parts open in the Key Editor (even if unintentional)?

Can you post a screen-shot of the Key Editor with one of these mystery notes selected, making sure to include all the Toolbars and Info Line at the top of the editor.

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ok got you bro one sec.

guess its magically working again, yo this is wack lol ill take it.