Midi Notes Hang with CC controller only?


I’ve been getting alot of midi notes hanging and its driving me crazy. I’ve narrowed it down to be only when I play notes in conjunction with my KORG nanoKontrol2 which I use for CC1, CC11, CC2 etc etc. When I use them together I’ll get midi notes that hang. But when I just set the CC faders and then play the notes nothing hangs.

Is there something I can do or you think my nanoKontrol2 is broken?



I’ve dusted off my old Oxygen 25 to test other controllers. I do not get any hanging notes when using the modwheel+piano on the Oxygen 25. However when I use my Nanokontrol + 88 keyboard it hangs, if I use Nanokontrol + Oxygen 25 keyboard it hangs… if I use 88 Keyboard + oxygen 25 modwheel, it hangs…

My guess is that Cubase will just start hanging when more than 1 midi controller is being used. Any ideas how to fix this?