MIDI notes in a chord dropout?

My MIDI event plays a chord but all of the notes drop out one by one. This only happens when the event is in a specific location. Is there any way to remedy this?

Hey you, could you tell us what you are exactly doing - what is the “MIDI event” you are talking about - maybe you can post a picture? What is the “specific location” of the event you are talking about?

Cheers Ernst

I have no idea what you want us to look at in this pic. You need to describe your problem and include enough details so folks who have not experienced the problem will understand what is going on. We can’t read your mind and can’t recommend anything when we don’t have enough information to understand the problem. You are the only person who can provide that info and you’re not even coming close.

And it is almost certainly not a Cubase “glitch”…
Probably user error/misunderstanding or the instrument processing MIDI differently than expected.
Do your MIDI events extend past the MIDI parts?

It might be even a synth patch that has a short release? :slight_smile:

Yes, it might be one of these things.
We need more information. (Sadly enough the thread is so far again -like many other threads - an example for lack of ability to express the problem and ask the “right” questions - maybe too many youtube tutorials destroy the ability to put a need/question into WORDS…?).

So to the OP: Please provide more information if you want help.
What event are you talking about? (Are you sure you are talking about a MIDI EVENT and not about a midi PART? (Learning the relevant vocabulary is crucial. Imagine youself saying: “My leg hurts” while in fact the pain is in your chest - but you simply dont know the difference…).
Where is that “EVENT” located? and how does this location differ from others (where it works as expected).
Maybe you can also post a sound example (please only the relevant track at the relevant position, not the whole song or a video about how you produced it…).

The notes drop out before being completed in bar 65-66 but plays correctly in bar 81-82, and the events are identical.

That’s your response? After all the posts and information provided and asked for from other users trying to help you? Good luck trying to solve the issue…

Basically the MIDI event doesn’t play correctly when placed in bar 65.

The picture does not show a CHORD in bar 65.
Do you have overlapping midi events in bar 65?
Is the behaviour independent from where you start to play back the tracks?
Is the automation curve above the midi tracks relevant?

It is allways interesting we have a user has a problem… but will not read or listen to what is posted over here…
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  1. It is a chord but hidden by the name
  2. No
  3. Yes
  4. No

Have you tried a staccato synth patch (short notes)?

What happens when you delete the midi events (chord notes) in this bar and manually add one after the other track by track (listen to the result after every addition)?