MIDI notes not showing?

I am a little curious about something I am hearing but not seeing, and am wondering if this is a documented feature or strange glitch. In the demo file DORICOverture by Thomas Hewitt Jones, I clearly hear the piano play a note that is not notated in the score (bar 3 beat one). It sounds like a two-note chord (interval 10th). Yet, I don’t see the note in the score. Play mode doesn’t show anything there either. When I listened to the piece, I did a double-take - even going so far as to solo the piano and yes, it is there! (But “where” is it???)

A Keyswitch that would be silent in another instrument with a more limited range perhaps?
Is your expression map for the piano perhaps set to one meant for a wind or string instrument or the like?

As far as your questions, I have only opened the file and played it, so I am still wondering why this is happening. Can MIDI notes be present, but not showing in the score, even in Play Mode? I’m assuming this note is in the program file and can be heard on everyone else’s computer (and not just on mine due to a particular configuration).

I can confirm what you are saying. In bar 3 beat 1 something plays in the piano though there are no notes for it in the score. I opened the HALion Sonic editor window and the MIDI indicator shows, that for a tiny moment it receives something for the piano.
I suspect that the composer deleted something there and that did not really get cleared. Keep in mind, that piece was composed when Dorico was still in early beta phase, so I guess there is still some “dirt” from incomplete or buggy software in there.
You think it is worth digging deeper into it? If other people would report similar things with their own projects, sure, then I would. If it is only this one piece, who does really care…?

Tommy agrees with Ulf :wink:

Dear Ulf,

Oftentimes words get misinterpreted as having a certain emotion. I think this may be the case. I wasn’t criticizing anyone here. I am just trying to see what can and can’t be done with the software. I wanted specifically to find out if it is possible to have notes play without having them show in the score by design as this could be useful for a project I am considering. Thanks for your help in answering this definitively. I believe sometimes people are defensive about things because not everyone on this forum is nice, but believe me, my intentions are only to try to learn all I can with Dorico.

I was not saying “look at what happened here… it shouldn’t work that way” in a snarky manner. I was only seeking to clarify how things work. I think in this case you uncharacteristically took a harsh tone with me when none was necessary, but I may be misreading you as in the point I made in my first sentence in this post. (apologies if that is the case)

I certainly don’t want to be pushed in the direction of keeping my questions to myself.

Dear musicmaven,

I am definitely not a native english speaker, and therefore I did not notice any problem neither in your question nor in Ulf’s answer. All I noticed is you have a really good ear, and judging by the average questions you have on the forum, nobody would want you to keep those to yourself :wink:

Dear Musicmaven,

exactly as Marc says, I’m not a native English speaker and sometimes it is quite difficult to get the tone right, both in reading and in writing back.
I did not take your words offensive, neither were mine meant in any way like that, I apologize if it appeared to you.
And, since we also have other things to do, we try to be short and concise in our answers in this forum, so even more danger to get misunderstood.
But trust me, we have only the best intentions and try to help people quickly and comprehensively.
And of course, please continue posting.

Thanks Ulf for your kind words and continued great work at Steinberg!


in Play Mode I can see two little events just before the barline of bar 3:

Did you also notice the quote from CATcerto in bar 4?


Thanks so much for posting this. What was confusing to me was that I couldn’t find these notes in the HALion Sonic SE Editor, but after making some adjustments to the horizontal zoom… viola! There they are! (I wouldn’t even had asked about all this if I had seen these notes somewhere!) Even when Ulf mentioned he saw the events, I didn’t see them but didn’t want to ask further because I know they are so busy when more important things.

The CATcerto is amazingly cute!!