Midi Notes Over Sustaining

I have issues all of the time with my midi notes sustaining past the actual note. For example if I played a chord and it ended at measure 30, but the notes actual hold over just a little to say 30.0.280…this is just an example. Even when I manually move the notes back to 30.0.0 if that was the end of my midi clip I can still hear that chord playing or sustaining, the play head will be playing and no midi clip or notes are there but I can still hear that last chord playing. So when I try to start recording a new clip at 30.0.0 it all bleeds together and starts to sound muddy. I get this issue all of the time and didn’t know if any one has that issue or knows how to fix it.


Could you attach a screenshot for better understanding, please?

I hope this helps, cause I am struggling lol

I think I attatched the Pic this time


Is there MIDI CC64 Sustain? How long is the Release Time of the sound?