Midi notes randomly cutting out

I have a soft piano playing with some leading notes in a track. Throughout the song, some of the those notes will play for a split second, like I’ve just tapped the key quickly, and not hold like they should do regarding the note value.
None of my other instruments are doing this and whichever note it maybe, ill open the editor, play it back and it might fix itself or when I mess with the velocity. Hit render, then its a different selection of notes that are cutting off, I’ve tried messing with the velocity’s more but its not that. Please help, cheers.

Hi Jibs.
Do you have any controller data recorded on this track?
Did you apply any Midi FX to your pno instrument?
Sometimes if you hit a note or if you release the key another shorter note becomes recorded (a second one to the one you wanna play) and sometimes these are hidden behind “good” notes - is that possible?

The List Editor is a good tool to use when looking for this kind of stuff.

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I don’t believe so, I have just went into midi functions to delete the controller data but it’s not fixed anything. The highlighted note in the picture that I have attached is the culprit. Some loops it plays for the entirety of the length inputted, other bars its like I played it as a 32nd note. I’ve deleted the notes to see if there’s anything behind them and nothing. I’ve also tried removing all fx and nothing.

Which instrument do you use to play these midi notes?
Did you play these notes yourself or is it a imported part like a loop or sth.?
Did you set up note expression or use the score editor in any way?
What happens if you copy that bar into a new event - does it then still not work?

Soft Piano from the LABS, part of Spitfire Audio

Score editor hasn’t been touched and reads the note for the length I’ve inputted. Haven’t touched note expression.

I dragged chords in but then moved around notes/added different ones myself, tried copying it into a new event and it works but it works when I replay the the bars where the note cuts off anyway.