MIDI notes recorded not showing on the track

  1. Record MIDI using an Instrument or MIDI track = MIDI NOTES not showing in the recorded block, block is EMPTY yet if you double click to open the editor the notes are there. Never ever had this issue with Cubase

Anyone else have this issue? Can someone check this on OSX please?

I trashed Prefs yet once again and it came back here. This is a NEW INSTALL BTW 10.0.15 full installer

This release is a mess IMO


I have read the same report few days ago here in the forum. Is it a duplicate from you or another user?

Try to trash Cubase Preferences again, but make sure even an older Cubase version(s) preferences are deleted (renamed) to get really the Factory settings.

  1. Not a duplicate post by me

  2. I Always TRASH the prefs in whole as that is the ONLY solution every offered to fix this DAW

  3. I had trashed everything, all prefs, cubase and ANYTHING Steinberg. This happened with the fresh full install of 10.0.15

  4. So far I have notes again, IF it starts it again Ill post back, Thanks man


Do you know what was the fix?

I had this problem as well on 10.0.20 on Mojave. Was able to fix it by deleting the Cubase folder in Preferences, along with the com.steinberg.* files. I had also had an issue where the mixer knobs were fully transparent. It looked a bit strange and I wondered if that was the design intent. Obviously it was not. Those knobs are now shaded and look much better.