Midi notes sticking, plus other stuff

I’m new to cubase… coming from Logic Pro x. There were a couple things in Logic I didn’t like regarding drawing of automation, plus I was thinking about switching to Windows in the future anyway.

I have to say, so far I’m not happy and I just spent quite a bit of money on Cubase 11 Pro. Granted I’m new to Cubase and just dabbling with the interface. However, right off the bat I’m having midi notes sticking! Grr… It sounds find when recording. However, on play back the initial notes I played stick. I have a 1 measure count off and then start playing immediately after that count off (on the first measure’s downbeat). Those first notes get stuck. That’s crappy. That never happened in Logic.

Also, I have a magic pad for Mac which works amazingly well in Logic Pro. It allows me to use pinch motions to easily zoom horizontally and vertically in track view and editors. I sorta figured out how to do it in Cubase - via Command + double-finger swipes. However, that only works for horizontal zooming. It looks like there isn’t a way to do vertically zooming.

Also, the workflow is way simpler in Logic Pro x… the screens in cubase are fairly clunky in comparison. I guess I could get used to it, but gosh it’s a lot different. I can say that the automation drawing is much nicer in Cubase, but that’s about all I’ve seen so far that is better than Logic Pro x.

The other thing is some of the instruments and effects windows look like the graphics are really dated and blurry. They aren’t clean/crisp on my 4k monitor. That’s pretty annoying considering it’s the new release of cubase. I think there is a hidpi setting for windows, but I’m using Mac.

I’m going to try more tomorrow, but having buyer’s remorse.

Hi and welcome,

It’s strongly recommended to keep the very 1st bar free and start your music at bar 2 or 3 in Cubase.

You are right, this is for Zoom In/Out only, there is not similar way to Zoom In/Out Vertically by using gestures in Cubase. In Cubase, we are used to use the Key Commands (G & H and Shift + G & H) much more.

Hi. Now that I’ve had a few days to work with Cubase, I have to say I REALLY like it.

At first I ran into a couple things that seemed glitchy, but part of that was my lack of understanding of how it works. Anyway, I’m super impressed by the midi editing, modulation automation, and pitch correction tools. That was why I started my switch from Logic Pro. I think I won’t be going back to Logic… converted to Cubase. Sorry for the upfront frustration. Overall I really like it! More options than Logic… once you learn the interface it’s pretty cool.

So the only things on my wish list so far are:

  1. allowing recording to start at the first measure without having midi notes stick (and not have to pad a measure at the beginning),
  2. allowing punch in/out on a section that is less than a measure (not a big deal),
  3. took me a while to figure out there was a Length Quantize toolbar… maybe make that more obvious,
  4. allow pinch-motions on Mac magic pad to be more fully integrated with interface,
  5. some of the graphics of the older instruments/plugs are poor quality, especially on a 4k or higher monitor. seems like that could get fixed.

I’m sure there will be some other stuff as I go, but overall two thumbs up!


I’m glad to hear this.

In the Project Setup, you can set the Project Time Display for better bars count or timing.

This is possible. Just change the Project window Grid setup, or set the Lunch In/Out time exactly in the Transport Panel.