midi notes still sounding after part ends

Using Halion Sonic SE sounds in my Cubase Project and having a problem: with midi notes running on even after the part has ended!
There is literally nothing in the track after the synth part ends but as the song plays: the notes from the Halion Sonic SE patch (in this case “Angels and Strings” synth sound) keep sounding indefinitely as if a sustainer pedal had been stuck down on the keyboard! But there is nothing in the track as the cursor passes over, just the last notes holding and holding until I mute the track!

I can’t figure out what’s going on! Any advice help suggestions greatly appreciated
thanks Steve

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Check this :
1)double notes , two or more events overlapped
2)velocity off value , if 0 change it.

no overlapping events…must be something w the Halion Sonic interface/settings??? can’t figure what’s causing notes to run on

Check the Amplifier and filter release in the edit menu of the instrument. See if you have made some automation by misstake.

If it is a bug thing.

-Make shure you dont use all midi in, and have something triggering it from some other device.
-If you are pushing to many polys, back off and see if that helps.
-Use the midi monitor plugin on the inputting midi channel and see if there is more going on then it should.

Go to project and duplicate track.
Mute original track and play the copy. is it the same.
Also with the copy try a different instrument to see if it’s the automation or halion that’s causing this.
Also the last item on the MIDI menu is reset this can help

Have you tried a sustain controller lane in the lower window? It will stop a synth just like a piano.