Midi Nudge? Is it really this hard?

Hello Forum,

I’ve been using pro tools for many years and decided to try cubase as my new MIDI scoring app. I’m thinking I may have made a bad choice.
I knew there would be a learning curve of some magnitude but I am finding that many simple processes are not easy to accomplish, and the searching and forums on line tend to lead to varying degrees of success.

Is there a simple way to grab a group of midi notes, and nudge them a tiny amount left or right? Many of my samples are strings with delayed transients and in Pro tools this was a simple task of grabbing the notes and hitting the + / - keys.

I’ve through the manual, and there seems to be a snap function that controls some of this, but no explanation on how to toggle snap on or off.

thanks in advance for any help here.

Hello, first of all welcome to Cubase. I assure you, you made the right choice.
I can offer you two solutions to your problem:

  • You can nudge notes or clips with the Nudge Palette, or using the short cuts CTRL-Left arrow or CTRL - Right arrow. You may change your shortcuts in the File - Keycommands option. Nudge makes use of the Quantize setting, so I recommend using 1/128 cuantize to move the notes. You can de-activate the grid hitting the key J. Nudge also works on clips, which are those containers with notes.

  • You can apply a negative trackdelay. This works this way, that your MIDI notes are on the musically right position inside your project, but you can reproduce that particular track some milliseconds earlier. You find the trackdelay in the Inspector column:
    Good luck.

For me the Info Line is a irreplaceable tool for quick MIDI editing when it comes to Start, End, Length, Velocity etc. adjustments.
Snap can be toggled with CTRL by default.