Midi numbers

I’m looking for an easily accessible chart that translates midi note names (e.g., C4, C#4, etc) into midi numbers. Are the relationships shown in Dorico’s Percussion Maps / Drum Kit Note Maps (“show all”) the standard, universal ones?

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Here’s my chart (C4=Middle C)


Thank-you, Janus!

Though please note that there is no ‘standard, universal’ convention: see Negative keyswitch values? (eg C-1) - #2 by PaulWalmsley

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Thanks Janus. So useful I made my own. Here’s C3=60:

and here’s the formulae:

Thanks, Paul!

So - if I understand it correctly - setting Dorico’s Expression Map Data’s middle C to “C4” automatically transposes “C3” sample libraries’ note numbers to the C4 equivalents?

It’s a great feature, if so!

It just simplifies the creation of expression maps. If your Sample Library manual has all the keyswitches relative to C3, you set 60=C3 in Dorico and copy the values straight from the manual - no need to do mental gymnastics.

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Yes, it doesn’t do any magic transposition: expression maps store MIDI note numbers which are unambiguous. The C3/C4/C5 option just changes how it is presented to the user.

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