midi offset - is it possible to set a time-based value?


Is there anyway (in Cubase 5) that I can set up a time-based midi offset for a specific midi track so that e.g. everything on that midi track plays back 200ms before the beat?

I’m needing to use midi offset a lot with libraries like Hollywood Strings where the legato transitions would otherwise sound a bit behind the beat. Currently I’m using the offset function in the black “part” information bar near the top of the screen, where the selection seems to be: bars.beats.16ths.0-120

(if anyone has any idea why they’ve chosen to split 16ths into increments of 0-120 I’d be curious to know!)

Anyway, this is fine if the track is all the same tempo - if tempo changes, obviously a beat becomes longer or shorter, hence why I’m wondering if it’s possible to set up a time based offset instead.


I think I’m about to answer my own question about 10 mins after posting it, but could someone confirm - would a midi plugin be the way to do this - eg cubase 5’s “midi modifiers” plugin? Unfortunately this plugin only allows a delay of plus or minus 50ms - I need closer to -200ms in some cases.

Any othe rplugins I could try - or is there another way not needing a plugin?

480ppq = 120 ticks per 1/16

OK, now I really am about to answer my own question, and f*** knows why I didn’t spot this before (after 7 years of cubase use…) but I’ll leave this post up just incase anyone else is wondering the same thing - it’s on the main controls for the midi track itself, a slider with a clock symbol to the left of it… allows 600ms each way, more than enough even for the latest breed of laggy legato libraries!

ok, now i’m really confused - what’s 480ppq? I’m used to increments of 60, 100, 127, 256… but why 120 or 480? OK, I get 480 is 4 x 120, hence one beat, but still…

Fair enough! I leave this thread feeling both slightly stupider, and slightly wiser!

You can change the default 120 ticks per 1/16 in the preferences/midi/midi display resolution