midi offset ms in key editor for each note

The track delay function is so fantastic how I can move a whole midi event earlier without actually moving it. I wish I had a note delay function that I could address in the info bar of the key editor so I could offset certain notes in a melody. For example, when going back and forth from glissando legato notes in a lot of libraries, the glissando notes need to be triggered earlier.

Yes, this would be very useful in production, sometimes it’s easier to have a midi note sitting tightly on the grid, but actually you want it a little pushed or pulled in time by a small amount.

Like when you’re layering drum sounds and you want them slightly offset from each other.

Sure you can do it in your sampler (sampler delay, at least), but it would be a very nice feature (quick and easy) to be able to apply offset to each individual note in the info line.

Check out the drum sequencer in VPS Avenger, it has this very feature: notes appear to sit tightly on the grid, but you have a control to move each note forward or back in time.