Midi out from Dorico for iPad

Does Dorico for iPad support the use of any AU plugins that send midi out? The app recognizes MidiRoute and Route Midi, two AU plugins that work in Cubasis to send midi out over Bluetooth and enable me to use other sounds for playback, but they don’t send any midi signal out whatsoever when I use them in Dorico for iPad.

I realize that without any controller data, playback with other instruments will be very limited, but I am hoping that controller data will be added at some point. I currently use StaffPad for composition, but then need to get the files out to Dorico for better notation. I would prefer to be able to work in one system…and the new Dorico 4 playback editing tools look great.


Yes! Dorico for iPad (v2.0 at least) does provide a way of getting midi out to an external instrument. With the inclusion of controller lanes and the tantalizing new expression map feature (please make this seamless to use with the desktop version and custom maps!) it is possible to use my VSL libraries driven somewhat expressively by Dorico for iPad 2.0.

The trick for me was realizing that midiroute does not work (for me at least), but the MIDI Tools app (check out on App Store) installs an au routing tool called Route midi (instrument) that does work. I use rtpMidi on my desktop (free app from Tobias Erichsen) to link my desktop to ipad over a Wi-Fi connection. It creates a midi port that I can name, then use the Route midi instrument to send out to a midi channel over “Network 1” which uses that port (Dorico doesn’t see that port name, just Network 1). Then, in VE Pro (or any instrument, I guess), I select the midi port with the unique name I created and assign it to the channel I selected on Network 1 in Dorico.

I am testing it now, but seems to work fine with VE Pro hosting. Tested with five synchron instruments in VE Pro. Pretty cool. We will see if it is stable…fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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