MIDI Out going haywire on playback


I’m new to the forums, but have been using Cubase for a while. I recently bought an Arturia Keylab MkII and am using as a MIDI Controller via USB. Some of the features on the Arturia require the MIDI Out activated to fully work. But for some reason when I have the MIDI Out active in either the Mackie Control or Mackie HUI, it starts sending out constant MIDI Out signals during playback that continues for another 10 seconds or so after I stop it. On Mackie Control it’s like crazy max out while with Mackie HUI it’s more of like a consistent, fairly fast metronome pulse. This happens even if I open up a brand new empty project and press play with absolutely nothing in it.

Is this a problem? Is there a fix? It doesn’t seem to be activating anything or throwing off the project (unlike the occasional audio processing spikes I get sometimes).

The reason I’m writing this is because I’m just about to start recording a full album and don’t want to run into any issues in the future. (Probably should be more worried about the processing spikes…) I have Cubase 11 running on Windows 10 and I’m using my Axe Fx 3 as an interface.

If anybody has any insights I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you!

Hi and welcome,

The Mackie HUI is designed for the bidirectional communication and constant connection check. So the Mackie HUI is constantly sending MIDI Message which says “I’m still connected”. This is how the standard works, nothing to do with Cubase.

Mackie Control doesn’t do this.

Sorry, I didn’t get your use case. Why is it a problem?

Thank you for the reply Martin!

Haha, that was actually my question… Is this a problem?

It’s interesting that it’s normal for the Mackie HUI to be sending those “I’m still connected” messages, but not for Mackie Control. It’s Mackie Control that really going crazy sending the signal back while playing, and also so happens to work the best with the controller.

At this point, I just hid the meter… Out of sight, out of mind I suppose.

Thanks again!


I’m still wondering, what is the use case. And also wondering, what MIDI data does Cubase send to the Mackie out.

Hi Martin!

Sorry got busy working on recording and didn’t check back on this…

I guess I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “use case”. All that’s going on is since I have the MIDI Out active under Mackie Control, the MIDI out meter goes crazy during playback whether I have anything recorded into the project or not. I have no idea what it’s sending, but it doesn’t seem to be interfering with anything, so I’ve decided not to worry about it, although it would be nice to know why.

Now I’m starting to try to figure out the audio processing spikes. I’ve barely even started on a set of songs I’m recording, which will be pretty heavy loads by the time I’m done, and it’s already being a problem.

Thanks again for your reply!