Midi Out inactive

I’m newer to C6 (but not to using midi to sync devices) and trying to get the midi out port to work.
Setting up C6 to sync up an attached synth or drum machine.

I’ve used C3SX in the past and don’t remember doing anything that special to get it working besides defining the device in C3. I don’t remember the details though since it’s been so long.

The issue I seem to be having is the ‘out’ ports are inactive under Device Setup.
I am using the MCU Pro and the MCU Pro USB v3.1 Out is Active.
I’ve got my devices attached to the Midiout2 (MCU Pro USB v3.1) and its showing inactive. (my PC’s internal soundcard Midi out also shows inactive).
How do I get it active?
I’ve got to be missing something minor…
Any guidance?

Got it figured out…
I found the Syncronization settings area…
That was intuitive (to find) :unamused:

Have similar problems with firebox. Cubase drops the midi connections. I have to back out of Cubase and go to control panel>troubleshooting to fix. Is this what you’re doing? (not at my computer right now)

Glad I stumbled across this. In Cubase 8 I noticed under Device Setup my Midi Inputs are active, but Outs are Inactive. Therefore I couldn’t send Midi to any of my external synths.

Transport > Project Synchronization Setup

At the bottom where it says Midi Clock Out I ticked all the Outs to make them Active.

Upgraded from 7.5 Artist to 8 Artist today, and upgraded that to the latest release/fixpack. Midi Out (Komplete Audio 6) did not work after the upgrade. The port showed as Inactive. After screwing around for hours, I got it to work using the tip to use Project Sync Setup, but only after a complete reboot of the Win O/S. I thought I was good to go, but I encountered a further problem with the Midi Out. I added an EQ to a single track, and as soon as I did that, the midi out failed. Restarting Cubase did not do anything. Rebooted the O/S again, and the midi out worked again… for a while. As soon as you touch any Insert or EQ and probably anything else, the damn thing fails. I do have the latest version of the Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 Control Panel, but of course, Cubase and Komplete may not be playing nice. Then again, it could be horibleness of Win 8. Back to 7.5 I guess unless someone has the magic formula.