Midi out is like a old russian military watch

Cubasis (latest version) connected the irig midi to the Korg Volca beats.
The korg volca is on midi channel 10 and clock on the Volca is set to auto.

When i create a drum pattern in Cubasis for the Volca the clock is running so bad.
It’s not only out of sync but the rythm is a complete chaos.
I have test it with different settings like, latency, midi input of etc.

Then i created the same patterns in beatmaker, and the clock runs perfect.
Not out of sync and runs like a swiss watch!

Please update this.

Yes, I have it on good authority from an App developer that makes the most reliable MIDI implementation out there that Cubasis’s MIDI clock output is ‘poorly implemented and full of jitter’.

This developer has notified SB. I thought that SB out of everyone would be able to write solid MIDI code!

There’s multiple threads about this problem and so all we can do is hope the devs get the specification upto scratch. They surely know about it…