midi output of flexphraser

Is this flexphraser midi output the same midi output as i play on the keyboard of HALion 5 for a sound?
I played a guitar riff with one note and recorded this in HALion than i drag this to Cubase, but don’t get the same phrase output in Cubase with Halion5 loaded there?

Or do i miss something ?
It should be fantastic to get all flexphrases in midi file format and than open this in a composer and hear the flexphrase again.

You have to turn the flex phrase off before using the MIDI file as that is now the flex phrase.

The first time i tried it works and the second time not…so i give up too soon.
i hope i can use now than the flexphrases in a another composer than Cubase
This composer uses the Cubase flexphrases as a new phrase and perhaps i can store these in library.