MIDI Output routing and midi files


I can’t seem to find a way to do this, but my main purpose for purchasing Cubasis was to be able to use my iOS devices (instead of bring the laptop to the gig) to playback MIDI files. (Still can’t believe GarageBand has no easy way of doing this and thank you Cubasis for being one of the few PRO music sequencer apps to do this on iOS!) I can easily get my MIDI files into a project but under the Routing section they always default to “No MIDI output” and channel “Off”. I have to manually select “iRig MIDI” and then the channel defaults to “Ch 1”. This gets tiresome and is actually a little too time consuming to do at the gig between songs (sorry, have lots of files and I’m not going to burn the time pre-doing this setup on all of them, I’ll certainly do it on a few as I’m exploring the move from the laptop to iOS). Ideally, I was looking for a default MIDI output device in “Setup” but didn’t find that. Or even a remap devices ala Digital Performer, sorry if that is bad to mention here :slight_smile: And finally, ideally the channels would also be setup correctly based on information in the MIDI file. Once everything is working ideally, it should be as simple as load file and hit play. Any suggestions on how to make this work (especially if I am missing something in the product, just purchased it recently during the last 1/2 off sale) would be greatly appreciated.


Hi ccianflone,

Cubasis does bot provide full GM compatibility per se (while some included instrument presets follow this standard).

Nevertheless it should be easily possible to tweak projects accordingly and load them with these settings when required.
Additionally, it might make sense to make use of the snapshot feature, making sure these projects keep their state regarding of future changes/edits.

Hope that helps!


Hi Lars,

Thanks for the reply. In terms of not providing for full GM compatibility, I assume you are referring to some of the built in sounds? For my current needs, that is okay. I am just using Cubasis to drive hardware sound modules for now. As long as it can transmit all the MIDI messages, it should be good for now. On that topic, does it handle sending SysEx?

I’ll take a look at the snapshot feature too. I’m very new to the product so still learning the possibilities. I did think of something like this when I saw you had Templates. My thought was to start with a Template (eventually hoping I could make my own, but I think I saw others mention snapshots might be a way to go too (since you can’t make your own templates?)), pre-add 16 MIDI tracks set to output to iRig and channelized 1 to 16. However, when I dragged the MIDI file onto that setup, it didn’t map tracks to the right place (most of my files have a different number of tracks so drums on 10 didn’t end up on 10), and it appeared to have a problem picking up initial patch changes. Everything was on piano. Given that experiment, would snapshots have a chance?

Other suggestions?


Hi Chris,

Snapshots are somewhat similar to our templates:

  • Create a new project
  • Add various tracks, adjust routings as desired, add instruments effects etc.
  • Once ready, go to Media/Projects (here the current active project is highlighted)
  • Tap the “camera” icon to create a snapshot of your project

To learn more about Cubasis, please have a look at our wide range of tutorials:


Hope that helps!