midi output routing

I have a project with 1200 midi tracks, is there a way in cubase that i can assign multiple midi output routing at once,

we need the midis to be outputted through various vst, rather than selecting each vst in the midi output channel drop down… is there a way of assign many midi outputs at once to a certain vst all at once?

I think the starting point is a bit strange.
Probably you started with the creation of 1200 midi tracks and are assiging them to different vsti’s.
I am not shure why so many tracks are needed, but probably you will have some reason for doing this.

I think the answer is double:
a) assign many midi outputs at once to a certain vst all at once
when you create any multitimbral vsti (intstrument rack) and you add the corresponding midi-track, adding extra midi-tracks will automaticly lay out all the available midi outputs of that vsti. Most of the time this is the quickest way to set up multiple tracks/outputs for a vsti all at once. You have to create channel 1, and 2 to 15 can be laid out automaticly by adding extra midi tracks on the main window of cubase.

For Kontakts and Halions with up to 64 tracks per session you have to do this for each of the subsets of 16 midi-channels. But i now of very few people who are able to use them this way, because you are blowing away your available resources and overloading specific cores if this is not setup correctly.

midis to be outputted through various vst is a different story though. There you can use the MIDI sends. THey are in the inspector but they are standard a hidden feature. Right click on the inspector and add the midi sends. I think there is a max of 4 extra sends per midi track.

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1200 Midi tracks?

Have you checked to see if your house is ‘glowing off & on’ from Google Earth’s satellite?

haha no i haven’t checked and i hope not,

ok still not sure I’m explaining it properly as i think there should be a simple command that will let me do this, like a logical command

For example, i have 10 sets of midi channel lanes that belong to violins

what id like to do is be able to select those 10 midi channels lanes, select the vst output to 1 vst, then set the midi channel number and by doing so this then assigns these exact specifics across all 10 midi channel lanes i have selected (i.e vst output 01 halion sonic - channel 5) across all 10 midi channel lanes with the same vst instrument and its midi number channel?

at present i am manually assigning the vst and midi channel number for each midi lane but I’m hoping someone can show me a way to speed up this part of the work flow?

I’ve never used this, but some might recommend having a look at the Logical Editor. You’d have to read up on it in the Operation Manual - page 580.

Otherwise, do you happen to be using a CMC-TP [Transport Control]?
On mine, there’s a button that exactly copies the track that’s highlighted, including all settings & routing.
So for me, I’d simply hit Copy Track 10 times. If there’s already MIDI Data on it, I would have to click & delete that Data on tracks 2-9, but that’s simple enough - it can be done all at once if I hold ‘Control’ while selecting each track’s Data.

If you don’t have one, I’m thinking you could right-click and duplicate the tracks that way.

I just thought of one other thing: Do you know anything about ‘Dissolve Part’?

thanks although i don’t think those options are viable because the midi channels have already been created and the midi instrumentation notes are already in the lane, its the vst output section

surely, if i create 10 midi channels, and wanted to select them all to go to a certain vst, is there no way i can select them all and set their output to that vst without having to set each one manually??

Try this:

While holding ‘Control’, click on 3 or 4 track headers.

They should all go white together [just like when one of the tracks is in focus].
Then change some routing or MIDI channel info within one of tracks.

Then hit ‘Enter’.

Just try that. That might do it.

If so, then there’s no limit to the number of tracks you can alter at once by this method.

Then, there’s an even faster way.
Say you have 10 tracks to alter.

Hold ‘Shift’ and click the first & last tracks and all the tracks in between will be selected.

You probably already know this, but if not, you can click & drag your tracks wherever you want them so that they’ll all be together first before the above steps are done.