Midi pad reassignment for drums?

I am pretty new to music recording, and don’t fully understand the different requirements for midi. I am able to use Cubasis 3 to record both midi and audio from my Roland TD17 drum kit. I get exactly what I expect when recording audio using a irig 2 but midi is more difficult. The pads in the software don’t line up with my kit pads and I am really struggling to understand how to reassign anything either on the drum module or the Cubasis software. I see edit pad, and copy paste but can’t see to get that to wrk either.

Does the mapping to a drum kit require another software program or is there a way to do this I haven’t found?

Hi @pdgwhof,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum.

Please make sure to reassign the pad assignment in your drum module, to match with the Cubasis pad assignment.

The copy/paste button is there to transfer pad mappings between tracks and projects.