MIDI panel for Midified Monotribe

I’ve added the Miditribe board to my Korg Monotribe, and the effect is great. Suddenly the Monotribe is a real musical instrument you can play.

Also, of course, I want to control it from Cubase 7. It hooks up OK, although not all parameters are controllable by Midi. But I’ve attempted to make a Midi panel for the instrument, and attached it. It’s my first attempt, so forgive any obvious errors.

A few observations:

  • 3-postion switches aren’t included, only 2-position ones. So I’ve used a fader instead, but…
  • the fader is upside down, and you can’t make a fader with 0 at the top and 127 at the bottom (can you?)
  • the wave shapes are poorly done using whatever keys I could find on my PC keyboard. Any better suggestions are very welcome

Let me know if anyone else has done this mod to the Monotribe, and hooked it up successfully to Cubase?

Miditribe add xml as file suffix.txt (3.98 KB)