Midi Patch Names


According to the help line, when setting up an external midi device in midi device manager, selecting the options for the device to show patch lists, when selecting a midi track, the bank and program number fields are supposed to be replaced with one field, to select the patch names provided by the midi device manager.

I have set up the proper device, all patch names show up in the device manager but they do not show up in the track inspector. What is supposed to change from bank and program number fields to one name field (according to the manual) does not change.

Any ideas?


Make sure the MIDI Device has MIDI port assigned, and make sure you select the MIDI Device as MIDI Output port.

I found it. Issue is there are two listings for the JV1010 in the selection list. I chose one and it didnt reference the midi device manager. When I selected the second one all is fine.


Yea someone should update these midi devices to include some external midi effect units with patch names…there is a program that you can make your own patch lists,I forgot the name of this program…any body remember this?,it was a program change editor with names to pgm numbers…

I believe this the tool your talking about Diditalson

The Informous Patchname Script Maker

Availible from