MIDI patterns: looping, aliases?

It’s summer 2023, and we still don’t have simple MIDI looping in Cubasis? Copy/paste doesn’t cut it, as changes won’t propagate to the copied instances.

And aliases, why we don’t have those in Cubasis? I remember using aliases extensively in C-Lab Creator — in the early 90s on a Atari 1040ST. So good!

Is there a conceptual problem? I don’t understand …

Hi c6y,
Have you tried the following:

Thanks @fixitmania53. Sorry for the confusion.

I mean the option to loop a pattern. GarageBand, Ableton Live and many other DAWs have this. You build a loop and can use it everywhere in the song. And all changes to it will propagate to all its instances.

I think it was I that was confused here🫣
Sorry I couldn’t help :slightly_smiling_face: