MIDI Piano Roll - Editing Note Duration

Hey guys, I am a new Cubase user who used to use Logic Pro on the Mac. I am wondering how to edit the duration of notes in the piano roll to be smaller than the actual length of the smallest timescale unit. I have tried to use the pointer and scissors to decrease the time of the magenta notes in the attached image but can’t figure out how to get this to work. I am not a talented piano player, so most of my creation comes from manual entry. I know I can change the timescale, but I like having the timescale broken out into measures so I can equate durations to eighth notes, sixteenth notes, etc. I hope this makes sense - I couldn’t find how to do this in any of the YouTube Cubase 8 videos - let me know if there is another knowledge source to help me figure out some of these basics.

Thank you in advance!

P.S. Let me know if I don’t have this in the right forum location

What you are calling timescale is actually the quantize value. It’s purpose in life is to cause notes and parts to fall exactly on its boundaries. So by not wanting to change it you are kind of fighting the natural workflow in Cubase. It’s easy enough to change so set it to 1/4 notes, 8ths, or whatever when you want to resize something and set it back to 1 bar when done. When you change it you can still easily see the bar lines since they will be darker than the sub-division lines.

That said you can also turn snap off in the toolbar (or key-command j) and then you move the start and ends of notes wherever you want - although you won’t necessarily end up with them on the beat that way unless you eyeball it real good. Also even with snap on you can change it in the info line by editing the “End” or “Length” fields (upper left on the image you attached).

Perfect! Changed the Quantize grid value to 1/128 and now I have a ton more flexibility in the note duration. I will investigate snapping later.

Thanks so much, Raino!