Midi piano roll velocity edit

Hi guys!

So yesterday i stumbled upon a new problem within my Cubase 12 pro.
When i edit velocities within the piano roll i can no longer individualy edit midi notes that share the same space/bar. When editing drum patterns im attempting to highlight the kick to change velocity but since the kick and hihat share the same bar it alters the hi-hat instead and i cant alter the kick unless i remove all notes in that bar and re-draw the midi information. I remember this being a situation in Reason too but its been a long time since i used that to remember what i did to fix it haha.
As i spend alot of my time composing drum patterns this situation for me is insanely frustrating.
It seems i woke up one day without changing anything and this happened.
Any info would be awesome.
Thanks in advance guys! \m/

Does changing the velocity value from the Info Bar work?

Im not sure because ive since closed the project and closed Cubase and re-opened it and it stopped doing it. Mind i did this closing and reopening operation too yesterday and it worked without any issue but shortly into the project it started randomly doing it again. Very strange.

The drag down bar velocity meteres (not sure of the official name for it) is where iam having issue. When i attempt to alter a midi note using this method it alters another midi note above it that shares the same bar if that makes sense even though ive selected and highlighted the note iam attempting to alter.

On windows if you select a note then hold down Ctrl+Shift then left mouse button and hold down on the note, little speaker icon appears, you can then drag the mouse up and down to change the velocity of said note. Not in front of cubase atm, hope I remember this correctly, perhaps this will help?

It used to be just highlight/select the midi note and drag the bar up or down with my mouse curser without the Ctrl+shift its just the workflow ive used forever. I was just wondering why it randomly changed and if so how do i change it back but then again it doesnt always change sometimes it works fine and sometimes not. Again this is at random and not influenced by any changes ive made to my DAW.

Yes, I can’t tell you why this has changed for you, just trying to present another option that omits the need to go down to the bottom and drag the velocity lines.

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Thanks buddy i really do appreciate the tips :slight_smile: hope i dont have to do another re-install because ive also noticed dropped down preset menus in VSTs have changed to numbers (0001,0002,0003 etc) instead of names and another library couldnt even be found i had to remove it fully and re-install it. Some strange goings on for sure.

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So i completely uninstalled Cubase and then re-downloaded it all via the Steinberg Download assistant app then reinstalled it and so far so good. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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