MIDI piano sounds

In my Cubase 7.5 project, I have a MIDI track that I imported from another program. It is the melody of a song I’m working on.

When I assign the track to Halion Sonic SE2, it plays back in a piano sound. I need to change this, to some other sound, so I chose a different one in the inspector.

But it went back to playing piano.

So I opened up the MIDI event in the list editor, and the first two lines were:

Controller CC0 0 4 BankSetMSB
Controller CC32 0 4 BankSetLSB

So I deleted those 2 rows, because I though that that was where the event was having it’s instrument assignment set. Then I changed to the new sound (in the inspector).

But it went back to playing piano.

What am I missing here? Where is the setting that makes the MIDI event/track default back to the piano sound?


Maybe too simple, but… is there maybe another pair of bank-selects in the midi Event?

Cheers, Ernst

No only one set.
But it seems to me like it is HSSE that is changing itself back to piano, because there is nothing in the MIDI event that is doing it.

Yes, you’ve deleted the Bank Select, but there is presumably also a Program (patch) Select.

I don’t really understand the relationship between

  1. the MIDI event, with it’s lines in the List Editor,
  2. the 16 instrument slots in HSSE, and
  3. the instrument selection drop-downs in the MIDI events’ inspectors first tab.

They don’t really seem to be working in unison for me.

Is the playback device set to receive program changes ?
Try starting new instance of the playback device no track preset etc and see if the problem still persist.

Any progress to resolve this issue? I have the same situation with imported midi files . Is there a button or something to completely erase all midi program change , so the midi file can be clean and without any instructions what instrument to play ?

Open all tracks in list editor. On the inspector on the top of the screen you can hide everything but program changes. Then you can see/delete the offending ones.

+1 with vintage vibe

I used to import tracks from band in a box and I would highlight them all then open list view and click on a PC event and filter for that then select all and delete them all as a matter of course right after importing them.

try the following

create a new midi tracks.

copy the midi file ( the midi notes ) event into the new midi file

create the new midi file output to anything you want

hope this will help