MIDI Pitch Bending

I searched the archives here and youtube for tutorials to answer this question and came up with nothing. So maybe you guys can tell me why N4 isn’t recording MIDI Controller messages from my keyboard (Korg 01-W Pro).

I recorded a clarinet part that had a couple of slurred notes, bending the pitch from just a little flat into the correct pitch. But the playback in N4 is just showing velocity in the controller lanes. So I tried drawing in the pitchbending information with the intent of editing it in the browser window. But no go there. the browser window won’t let me enter any numerical data on the artificial pitch bend entry.

Next I tried doing an overdub of the playback in record to try to capture the pitchbend performance, nada.

Can anyone here tell me how to get N4 to accept the pitchbend information from my keyboard?

maybe you have controllers filtered --cant rember where this is located but I will check tommorrow if you cant find it


Thanks, I already found it on the Korg. Pitch bend send was disabled. Problem solved. I really appreciate your getting back to me though. Thanks again!