MIDI Pitch note Change Problem

Hey, I would appreciate your help.

I have Cubase 12, and I have a strange Problem with MIDI channels, suddenly the pitch of the note changes.

It’s about an existing MIDI I’ve already created, which worked well, and suddenly for no reason, just hit play and it happens.

When I look at the MIDI itself I don’t see that anything has changed in it, it’s only in the sound.

What I do when it happens, is I just exit the Cubase and re-enter, then it works … but it happens after a while again.

Does anyone know the problem?

Thanks !

Are you using external gear or software instruments?
I know that some software VSTi like the u-he stuff go into demo mode if not correctly licensed and in demo mode de-tune after some minutes of usage.
Else, do yo have any pitch bend data recorded somewhere?

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thanks for your reply,

Regarding external gear, I have a Novation control keyboard if that’s related…

the problem happened to me the last time in a built-in Cubase plugin (Halion Sonic).