Midi Playback Behaviour In Arranger Mode

Many times Midi notes will continue from one arranger event onto the next arranger event, so why can’t those notes play out their entire duration rather than being cut of due to the arranger event ending. I understand that this is how the piece will playback after the arranger chain has been flattened but this makes it bothersome to work in arranger mode. If there could be a preview function that one could activate prior to flattening the arranger chain any edits could be made then rather than working with a system where midi notes are not being played because they started in the previous arranger event.


Do I understand you right, you are using Arranger? You have some MIDI Notes, which don’t have the Note Off before- or at the place of the Arranger Event end, right? And your expectation is, that in case of switching from one to another Arranger event, Cubase sends Reset MIDI. Right?

Nearly. If I have one long Midi note that continues from one section of a song into another section the Arranger mode does not represent this when playing back, when playback reaches the second Arranger event the midi note is audibly cut off. So when creating and naming Arranger sections I have to lump for example verse, pre chorus and chorus together so Cubase doesn’t cut the notes off. I don’t think a Midi Reset message would do it. I don’t expect that Cubase could continue to play a note if for example I returned to the first Arranger event on the timeline, but if the Arranger events are for example: Intro, Verse, Pre Chorus, Chorus, notes shouldn’t be cut off in the transitions. It’s like Arranger mode was designed for Audio way more than Midi.


So is it exactly the opposite? Cubase cuts the note (Sends Note Off), but you would prefer to don’t send it? And send it after the length of the MIDI not pass out?

Correct. This would make playback much better when using MIDI tracks in Arrange mode .


I would say this is a Feature Request. And actually I would say there should be a preferences. I can imagine the safety reasons why it is as or is now.

Yes as a preference. With orchestral instruments, strings in particular, notes often need to begin ahead of the beat for Legato transitions to take effect.
So obtaining this in Arranger mode especially on the first beat of an Arranger event cannot be done. That is why I thought it was more an issue than a feature. Could you possibly explain the safety issue to me?.


This one is solved by using a negative value of the Track Delay parameter.

Unfortunately when using expression maps with many articulations this solution doesn’t quite solve it.