Midi Playback, Midi file and staves, connection to halion se

Hello there, I am not able to playback my work from Dorico IV so I have decided to creat a midi file and play it from HALion se directly. Doing so I have noticed that for some reason half of my music in the piano grand stave isn’t played… I am using sometimes 3 staves for the piano grand stave… must I define each stuff somehow in midi?
Also - how do I connect Dorico to HALion SE and get to listen to the music I type in directly?
For some reason there is no midi in Dorico.
Thanks Very Much for your reply.
Bests - Rami.

Hi @Ram_Haimoff , if you have installed Dorico4, HALion Sonic SE and the Dorico Sounds Installer package, then Dorico shall play back your projects nicely. There is no MIDI though, because Dorico sets things up automatically for you so that you don’t need to take care, although you can also change setting manually to your liking.
So simply open you project in Dorico, go to Play Mode and choose from the menu Play > Playback Template and choose the HSSE + HSO (Pro) template. Wait a few seconds until the Playback button becomes green and you are ready to go.
Should no sound come out, check under Edit > Device Setup if an ASIO driver and output ports are shown.
If still in trouble you might want to watch this tutorial video or come back here.

Thanks so very much for your reply and guidance - works like a charm :slight_smile:
God Bless.

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