MIDI playback - no audio when part has a white background

I have a strange MIDI playback problem.
I’ve uploaded a Project view of a song I’m working on.
Please note the EZDrummer 01 MIDI track.
The first 16 bars have a gray background. When I play it back I can hear the playback just fine. I can also see the Fader of this track in the MixConsole moving.
However when the Transport reaches bar 17 there is silence. I do not see anything in the MixConsole for this track.
This is also true of the multiple part in the entire track for the MIDI Ample Guitar M02 which also has a completely white background.
I have no problems recording or playing back either from within the EZDrummer or Ample Guitar VI GUIs.
This is the first song that I’m workin on in 13 Pro (upgraded from 10 Pro),
I couldn’t find any documentation that would indicate that a MIDI part with a white background color is a problem.
Does any one have any idea what the problem could be?
ciao, Dan

Never mind. As soon as I opened up my DAW to the Project page and tried to see what the differences were when I ckicked on a part that was gray and one that was white… I noticed that those that were white were muted located on the Info Line.
I think I’m gonna’ need a bigger monitor(s)… :smirk:
Sorry about that.
ciao, Dan

Looks like the parts are muted. Either select the parts and change the Mute flag from the Unfo Bar or right click to change to the Mute tool and click the muted parts.