Midi Plugin "Transformer" shall change note number by CC

Midi Plugin “Transformer” shall change note number with regard to CC. Any experts here?

Transformer shall do the following and I need a screenshot of how it is programmed:

Midi Note 44 (G#1) shall stay as 44 when CC04-values “61 - 127” come in (Foot Controller).
When the CC04 value range “0 - 60” is sent by the midi device this note shall change and become Midi Note 46 (A#1).

Is it possible to program Transformer (real time plugin!) like this?
Who of you is an expert and so kind to send a Transformer screenshot?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Quick reply (bedtime here :wink: )
Not possible, in the way you are hoping.
The nearest I can think of is to create a Transformer Preset that does the required transposition, then use a Generic Remote Device to switch the track’s Transformer FX in and out of Bypass (but it isn’t a very good solution… the Generic Remote will switch all Insert FX for that track)… and, without actually trying it, I don’t know if it would be good enough for realtime anyways :wink:.

EDIT: I was wrong. See misohoza’s post, below… his method works :slight_smile:

Hi Craig and Vic.

Not sure if I understood correctly.
You want to change midi note 44 to 46 if CC04 is 0-60.
Leaving all other notes as they are.

Try this. It worked when I tried it.
Screenshot (12).png

I did think of that (and it would work :wink: ), but there is no guarantee that the “last event” would indeed have been the CC#04… especially, if I am not mistaken, it would only work one time if you wanted that transposition on two successive G#1, you’d have to send that CC#04 each time… because otherwise, for the 2nd G#1, the “last event” would have been the first G#1!
Anyways, it is certainly worth trying… all depends on the context :wink:.

That’s a good point. You made me check that again.

But with filter conditions set up like this it should be looking for last event/status of controller number 4, not last event in general.

Just checked… you are absolutely right! Nice one :slight_smile:

Hey misohoza,

I just checked your Transformer programming and it works perfectly! :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you very much - you’re the best!